Cat Ba National Park Vietnam

  Cat Ba National Park (located on Cat Ba island, Hai Phong Province in the North Vietnam) incorporates some of the small islands and marine water and covers  an area of 26,300 ha, in which 17,300 ha is on the island and 9,000 ha is of the adjacent inshore waters. Once visiting to National Park, you will have a pleasant feeling from physical features to beautiful climate. The Highlights of Cat Ba National Park: The landscape of Cat Ba National Park is a karst limestone areas on the main island with numerous waterfalls, caves and grottoes. The rugged topography odd the park is marked by steep outcrops and bare rock areas with many seasonal streams such as Thung Luong, Hoi Trung Trang, Treo Com and Viet Hai. Most of the rainwater flows into grottoes/ caves and follows underground streams to the sea. There are several small lakes and water ponds in the hills; the largest lake is Echo Lake- a permanent water shape with an area of 3 ha and about 50 m depth.